Gibhead Keys

Bonut Gibhead keys or tapered keys are made to BS46 Part 1: 1958 for imperial sizes and BS 4235 Part 1: 1972 for metric sizes, unless otherwise agreed with the customer, and are tapered on the top face that engages the hub.

They are made from steel to BS907 Part 1 unless otherwise agreed. They are designed to be used on a shaft and hub assembly up to about 150mm diameter with pre machined keyways. Recommended dimensions for shaft and hub keyways are shown in the standard.

Most of our taper keys have a head or gib, which is used for drifting into place and removal. The top face of the key is machined as a taper of 1 in 100 during manufacture. The taper of the key secures it in the assembly and provides a locked engagement with the shaft to the hub without the need for locking screws and with no backlash. See our data sheet for more details.

Non-standard sizes available to order and short lead times.

Gib Head Keys

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