Pressure Reducing Valves / Pressure Regulators

Dereve Pressure Reducing Valves or Pressure Regulators, are principally designed for use on WATER installations up to a capacity of 23 LPM (5GPM), and can also be used as AIR regulators. The continuously variable setting of the outlet pressure is controlled by an adjusting screw located beneath the cap and engaged by an Allen key. The outlet pressure is increased by turning the screw clockwise.

When the OUTLET flow of the pressure reducing valve is reduced to zero the valve ‘locks up’ i.e. does not allow the outlet port pressure to rise appreciably above the valve set pressure, regardless of variations in inlet pressure.

When the valves are under normal flow condition, the outlet pressure is maintained at the pre-set level, regardless of the inlet pressure, however, to achieve the set outlet pressure condition, there must be some restriction on the outlet side, to create sufficient back pressure for the valve to operate.

In the open flow condition, the outlet pressure will drop to near zero unless restricted. In the normal, flow condition in a piped circuit for example, the valve will maintain the pre-set outlet pressure within the limits shown on the data sheet, which can be downloaded from our web site.

The WRP2 is available in several configurations, for instance the clamp type method of connection mounting enables variation of size/type to be achieved without changing the body of the reducing valve and although the body is plastic, the method gives electrical continuity across the valve. The all plastic body version is also available as a fixed or adjustable type with various options of port connection thread and type.

The WRP2 valve range is generally supplied as a fixed outlet pressure, as specified when ordering, but can also be made as an adjustable type valve similar to the WRP4. The WR5 is a metal bodied valve of traditional design and fully adjustable which operates in the same way as described above and is available with ½” or ¾” ports.

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