Door Bells

Dereve “Imperial” mechanical door bell

Dereve “Imperial” doorbells are mechanically operated, requiring no batteries, wiring or electricity. The doorbell is easily fitted onto the inside of your front door and gives long lasting reliable, maintenance free service.

The Imperial uses a mechanical action, and needs only an occasional winding by turning the dome a few turns. All our products are made in England by our independent company and its local suppliers, using traditional engineering methods They are now available in a wide range of colours with matching coloured bell push plates.

The Dereve “Imperial” doorbell generates a loud ring, (approximately 75db) using the door itself as a sounding board, and it will continue to ring as long as the bell push button is pressed until it needs re-winding. Visitors can also clearly hear that your doorbell is in working order.

The Dereve Imperial doorbell offers a traditional tried and tested alternative to the latest wireless electronic doorbells where UPVC door frames (often with metal backing for strength and security) can cause problems with wireless signal strength and are dependent on batteries.

The clockwork bell mechanism is operated by a thin rod (only requiring a 5mm diameter hole) that passes through the door to a matching bell push button on the outside. The rod is adjustable upon installation for a wide range of different door materials and thicknesses, but where doors are particularly thick, we can supply longer rods.

Fitting is easily carried out and does not require particularly high DIY skills. The doorbell measures 78mm, (3″) in diameter and is just over 1-1/2” high. When fully wound, the bell will ring for approximately 75 seconds, and since a typical visitor will press the bell push for between 2 and 5 seconds, the mechanism will support up to about 15 to 30 rings.

Dereve “Innovation” door chime

The Innovation Chime does not use any batteries, electricity, or other power device and does not need winding. It is operated by the action of pressing the chime push button and requires no maintenance.

It is ideal for locations which require the minimum of attention and service support such as hotel rooms and short term rented property. The innovation gives a good level of sound which is enhanced by the door which usually acts as a sounding board and can be operated repeatedly without damage. The visitor can also hear that the chime is working when pressed.

Both types of doorbell are supplied with a choice of bell push buttons shown in the product pictures; however, there are additional bell push options to suit different door furniture and tastes. For further details please contact our UK sales office on +44 (0)161 430 4000.



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